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What’s The Difference Between Waterproof And Weatherproof?

The price guns we offer are capable of providing weatherproof labels and are amongst the most popular products we supply. They are also the one we tend to get a very specific query about. We’ve no doubt that you’ve noticed it has only been within the last few years that the term “weatherproof” has come into common usage. You might also note that this word tends to get used at times when the term “waterproof” would normally have been the description. There’s good reason for this, and it might not be for the one you have assumed.

Quite a few people believe that “weatherproof” basically means the same thing as “waterproof”, and that the change in use of the term has come about as some form of marketing decision. This isn’t quite accurate. Whilst to be waterproof is to say that there’s a high level of resistance to damage from water, to be weatherproof means that it offers protection against all the elements of nature. In short, the latter offers a greater sense of protection.

This is a very valuable quality to have in price guns and the labels they provide, in particular for dealing with items and products that will predominantly be outside. Being able to withstand a changing temperature is as important as being protected from water damage. Whether it’s hot or cold, you can have the confidence of knowing that labels are unlikely to either discolour or lose their sticking qualities when you choose our quality products.

If you were one of the many that just assumed weatherproof was just a somewhat fancier way of marketing the word waterproof we’d say you have no reason to feel bad for doing so. It is a perfectly reasonable assumption for anyone to have made, particularly with some of the marketing that people have utilised.

Now that we have clarified what it means, however, we trust that you can see and appreciate the great benefits to be had from using our price guns and supplies, ensuring the labels will provide the right properties for your needs.