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Simpler packaging can mean stronger branding

The importance of consistent branding is something which all businesses are increasingly becoming aware of. Being able to project your name and/or logo across all of your products in a uniform way serves to build up your business and create trust in them across customers. Our wide range of price gun labels can accommodate all requirements in respect of achieving this. One of the most in-demand price gun label products we provide in respect of this are sandwich labels.

The changing nature of food packaging has seen the traditional approach to branding featuring on it fall away. With a consumer driven demand for all food products to feature less packaging there is an expectation for items such as sandwiches to be presented in plain bags or wrapping. Businesses need to adopt this rather basic approach to their packaging, but the fact that all food products must feature labels describing the contents allows an opportunity to make sure branding is present.

Our range of price gun labels designed specifically for sandwich packaging enable you to both give customers the information they need as well as maximising your branding exposure. Our labels allow for all of the important – and legally required – information relating to the content of the sandwiches to appear, yet also enable the presentation of unobtrusive but distinct branding.

We supply food and sandwich label printing equipment to suit any requirement within this sector. The range of labelling stickers we have available are designed to work both with your existing system. In respect of this range, our labels can be supplied either blank or pre-printed, depending entirely on what your system requirements are.

Making sure that the correct information is present on labelling is just as important for your business as ensuring that your branding is visible. It is crucial that each label contains the right details and that they are legible. You can achieve this with our products.

Our commitment to you is to deliver the perfect means of achieving both in an affordable, professional way.