Zebra Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Zebra Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons


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Product Description

Zebra Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

This grade is a standard zebra wax thermal transfer ribbon, which has been designed to give outstanding print performance on plain and coated papers. These ribbons offer a dark, crisp and bold print, they are an ideal product for standard printing applications requiring a low level of durability to the printed image.

The low level of print head energy required to transfer the ink makes this wax a drop in replacement product for other waxes available in the market and will offer a good performance on all types of flat head technology printers.

With print performance at speeds of up to 10” per second, at low print head energy, this wax maintains excellent print quality.

These wax ribbons are also ISEGA approved for use when the printed image comes in contact with non-fatty foodstuffs.

Typical applications using zebra wax thermal transfer ribbons include:
Product and price-promotional labelling, labelling of packaging materials such as boxes and pallets, work-in progress labels, document tracking and patient record labelling.