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Standalone Sandwich Labelling System


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Standalone Sandwich & Food Labelling System

Our standalone Sandwich & Food Labelling System is perfect for creating and printing your own sandwich and general food ingredient and product labels, as you can include barcodes, dates, allergens and more!

GoLabel Labelling Software comes with the system and allows users to easily create and edit their own labels. For standalone operation of RT200i/700i and EZ2250i Series printers, users may make all the files of label format, fonts, graphics, etc., in GoLabel, and save them to USB disk. GoLabel connects to Spreadsheets like Excel, Access & SQL.

Allergen information can be CAPTALISED to comply with EU food legislation.

The Printer only option requires connection to your own PC or Laptop in order to print labels through the GoLabel. As mentioned, creating and editing of labels could not be easier. Use by and other dates can be automatically printed using the pre-set advance date feature from the on board system real time clock.

The Printer and Keyboard option enables it to be used in standalone mode, with all label information saved to either the Printer Internal Flash Memory or a USB disc inserted into the printer, the keyboard is used to select from your pre-saved list of labels and if required to enter, via an on screen prompt, any variable data required at the time of printing. The user then simply enters the quantity of labels required and the printer does the rest!

We like to work with our customers to set up a system perfect for their application by the time they receive it, so that before the printer is sent out to you, it will have some of your labels saved to it in advance so it can be used in standalone mode out of the box.

Please contact us for more information on this low cost – high quality system.

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Printer Internal Flash memory with USB keyboard, Printer with BT Interface, USB disk with Bluetooth keyboard