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Sandwich Label Printer – Stand-Alone Labelling Printing System


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Standalone Sandwich Label Printer

Standalone Sandwich Label Printer is ideal for applications such as Bakeries, Sandwiches, General Food Products and many other Applications. Our system is such good value that there is simple no contest against other portable labelling systems available online for producing sandwich labels to beat ours for both ease of use and price.

This is a ‘fantastic’ out-of-the-box mobile labelling solution if you want to print your own labels without having to use a computer in the kitchen area because it is a small footprint desktop thermal printer with an LCD display used to navigate menus, recall saved labels and then choose print quantity.

All labels are designed on a computer and downloaded to the printer or SD card. Simply take the printer to where you want to use it, plug it in, turn it on and you are ready to go.

Recall previously saved labels and if requested enter any variable info at the time of printing via on screen prompts e.g. enter date, enter price etc. and finally enter the Quantity of labels to be printed. Alternatively you can store the complete label with an offset use by date (typically one or two days ahead) and simply just enter the quantity of labels to be printed.

System includes: Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer printer with 4” wide print head and Real Time Clock for Auto date entry, label creation software; 1x roll of our stock sandwich labels. All fully guaranteed for 12-months.

In addition to the above we will be pleased to set up your first label on the system so that when you receive it, it will literally be ‘plug and play’.

If you have an Excel database we can connect to records already created by you and these can be imported easily into your chosen label data fields.

A Barcode scanner can be used to aid the use of this Standalone system, please see the video below we created to demonstrate to an existing customer of ours how a barcode scanner could increase productivity:

NB:  As per industry standard, printheads are guaranteed for 15 kilometres of material. Labels and ribbons must be of the correct quality to avoid damaging the printhead. We recommend using our consumables as they are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are extremely competitively priced and cost-effective.

Please note that the printer image shown may differ from actual printer supplied as we will only provide the most suitable model for your specific application. Prices and specification remain the same.

If you have any questions please email us or phone on above telephone numbers.

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