EU Compliant Nutritional Labelling Software - Food Products
EU Compliant Nutritional Labelling Software - Food Products

EU Compliant Nutritional Labelling Software – Food Products



Product Description

EU Compliant Nutritional Labelling Software – Food Products

EU Compliant Nutritional Labelling Software – Food Products is a Very Powerful  labelling software program which includes full Nutritional and Allergen features to meet the requirements of EU legislation.  Allergens should already be printed onto labels (from Dec 15) and Nutritional data requirements comes into legislation from 13 December 2016.

A Government researched list of nutrition information is available but it only covers nutritions and not ingredients. ALL of your ingredients can be entered into our Excel spreadsheet to build up your own database of your unique products, ingredients and recipes. It is very easy to use and it performs Nutritional and QUID (see below) calculations. Once a food ingredient is added to the database it is there for ongoing recall and use with all products that contain it.


The EU 1169/2011 regulations require that the ingredients are printed on your product label in quantitative (weight/volume) order (Quantitative Ingredient Declaration – QUID). This information is automatically sorted by weight/volume order by our software using the individual weights/volumes of ingredients entered in the database. Codesoft Nutrition Labelling Software – sandwiches is designed to process and sort this information automatically saving you the hassle of working these out yourselves. Codesoft Nutrition Labelling Software – Sandwiches, will perform this task for you once the individual product ‘recipe’ has been created, saved and linked to the label. You can also see ‘live’ changes on your label as they happen.

Nutrition Software – CLOUD based or STAND-ALONE? –    Pros and Cons

Stand-Alone (offline) – Fully installed onto your office PC or a laptop etc. Most offline Nutrition software programs do just that, ‘nutritions only’. OK, like ours, they probably do allergens as well.  However, they are generally not a full product but just a plug-in and therefore they ‘must also have’ a labelling software program to plug into where one can create, design and edit the actual labels. ‘Warning!’ – before you purchase any ‘Nutritional labelling software’ we recommend that you check to determine that if you buy it,  does it work, in full, by itself or does it need a separate label software program also. In our experience, most software programs of this type are plugins only and you will also need a full blown label creation program for it to work properly. The cost of the two programs combined can be quite a lot of money. Ours will do ‘everything’, yes, the whole lot, from a blank label to a fully finished product label with allergens and nutrients.

Stand-alone: Once you have entered the ingredients and saved each one then you can use them on multiple products ‘forever!’ They are yours and only you can remove them.

Cloud based: If you stop using any cloud based service you will ‘lose all’ ingredients and associated data. Providers use this ‘threat’ to tie people into continuing to buy their products as they know users do not want to enter them all again.

When you prepare your recipe Codesoft Nutrition Labelling Software calculates and re-orders the constituent ingredients into weight/volume order and assigns percentage values for you. There is no effort required on your part and the imported data from the linked Excel sheet goes straight into the  label design.

Easily add, edit and delete ingredients in Codesoft Nutrition Labelling Software and then compile multiple ingredients together to create individual ‘recipes’ for your products.

Products will show the full breakdown of ingredients, allergens and nutritional information in a nutritional table.

If you have any questions prior to ordering Codesoft Nutrition Labelling Software please contact us and we will be pleased to answer these for you. Our number is 01634 369027 and our email address is

NB: Print On Labels can not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the information printed onto your labels. Correct entry of food information, ingredients or allergens onto individual labels is the users responsibility. That said, we will be pleased to assist and advise in any way we can however it is the customers/users individual responsibility to ensure all data entered is correct based on the actual products used by individual businesses.

EU Compliant Nutritional Labelling Software – Food Products



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