Samark 26 Price Gun

Sato Samark 26 Price Gun


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Sato Samark 26 Single Line Price Gun

Affordable & easy to use

The Sato Samark 26 single line price gun uses 26mm x 12mm wavy edge labels with ‘horseshoe cuts’.
This easy to use pricing and labelling machine has 6 digits of print, a single line gun using 6 digits is capable of prices up to £99.99 with ‘£’ symbol. The Sato Samark 26 is also Euro compliant meaning it has the “€” symbol.

We provide a very wide range of gun models and the Sato Samark 26 or S26 has been a very popular model for many years. They are widely used and still going strong, in some shops after 20 years or so. This is a very easy gun to load as it is different from most modern gun loading methods. You can see just how easy it is by viewing the video below.

In addition, this gun will enable you to print labels which, if required, can remain on their backing paper. This would allow you to print say a strip of 50 labels, tear them off and hand to someone to take to where they need to apply them. There is a ‘knack’ in doing this so you may need to speak to us so we can let you know the way to do it.

Click the following link for a downloadable .pdf with detailed information about this label gun – Samark 26 Datasheet

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to load and use this labelling gun.