Sato Judo 26 Promo Gun

Sato Promo Gun with 13 Promotional Messages


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Product Description

Sato Promo Gun with 13 Promotional Messages

Ideal for Promotional and price mark-down labelling

This 2-line line gun is an easy to use pricing and promotional labelling machine.
13 Promotional Messages are on the Sato Promo Gun, both the message and the price is printed onto the label, which makes it ideal for on-the-fly mark-up/mark-down labelling.
This label gun is an easy label gun to load and change ink rollers. The ink in the gun can be either Black or Red.
This gun uses 16mm x 26mm rectangular labelsplain labels of this size can be purchased here.

The 13 Promotional messages include: 10% OFF, 25% OFF, 50% OFF, SALE, HALF PRICE, 2 for 1, OUR PRICE, Special Offer, Clearance, Reduced, Best Buy, NOW and DISCOUNT.