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Nor 3/9 D Pricing Gun


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Nor 3/9 D Single Line Price Gun

The Nor 3/9 D price gun is a single line gun available in either 6 or 8 digits. This Labelling Gun uses 24mm x 11mm Nor 3/9 D castellated labels.

One of the best brands on the market for standard pricing, the Nor brand has been at the very front of the hand gun labelling industry for over 30 years.

*Please note that the Nor 2/9 gun range has been discontinued by Sato. The Sato/Nor 3/9 is the replacement model and is guaranteed to take the same labels as the Nor 2/9. (guns and labels are guaranteed interchangeable if purchased from us).

To buy Labels or Ink Rollers for this and the Nor 2/9 D label gun – click the links below.

Nor D Labels

Nor 3/9 ink rollers

Nor 2/9 ink pads

We can offer special models of this gun which can include alpha/numeric or date format. It adds to the cost slightly but is ideal for date coding and/or batch numbering etc.

There are many reasons retailers might look to purchase price guns. These can include things like replacing hand-written labels. Each persons handwriting is different and as such sometimes even a retailer’s own staff cannot read their writing. If prices are put through the till and the label is read incorrectly then it can cost the owner heavily over a period of time.

Also, if the writing is not clear and legible than customers, who might not be quite sure of what the price is, might not want to take the time or trouble to ask and so walk away without buying.

Another factor with price labels can be if they are pre-printed or plain. The advantages of pre-printed labels is that they are obviously promoting the store. A name and maybe a phone number can work wonders in helping someone come back for that item they would not have remembered where they bought it from. Also, not a nice subject, but if someone were to get caught shoplifting then the proof is there with the shop’s name printed on it. With plain labels it is possible that theft cannot be proved.

Nor 3/9 D

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