Nor 3/9 B Label Gun

Nor 3/9 B Price Gun


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 Nor 3/9 B Single Line Price Gun

The Nor 3/9 B price gun is available in either 6 or 8 digits. This Labelling Gun uses 25mm x 14mm Nor B castellated labels.

The Nor 3/9 B label gun is a single line gun for easy to use pricing and labelling. It is one of the best guns on the market for standard pricing, the Nor brand have been at the very front of the labelling industry for over 40 years.

*Please note that the Nor 2/9 gun range has been discontinued by Sato. The Nor 3/9 is the replacement model and is guaranteed to take the same labels as the Nor 2/9. (guns and labels are interchangeable if purchased from us).

The Nor/Sato 3/9 comes in a number of model options, 6 or 8 digits, date codes, alpha/numeric codes etc. We can also make bespoke versions which will meet most code requirements.

This Nor 3/9 label gun includes:

  • Label feed slots ensure positive registration
  • Locking print bands guarantee legible print
  • More reliable with less moving parts
  • Prints up to 6 or 8 positions as standard depending on model

Whether you need the functionally of a two-line labeler, or just have a simple one-line application, the Sato brand label guns offer incredible value.  We are very pleased to be able to offer such quality guns, some bundled together with labels for the affordable prices; just call us!  The guns can be used for a variety of different applications.  They are designed to be used in retail, commercial and industrial environments.

As you explore the different products we have put together, you can think about what model will work best for your needs.  Larger volume customers can combine multiple deals to work out the best value however we suggest you contact us direct as we can ensure you get the very best value for money.  You will not get better than us for stores with multiple locations or if you are a customer looking for one price gun and labels to go with it.

Click the following link to see the downloadable .pdf showing how to load the Nor 3/9 – Nor 3/9 Loading Instructions

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