Nor 2/9 Label Gun

Nor 2/9 B Price Gun


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Nor 2/9 B Single Line Price Gun

Nor 2/9 B Price Gun uses Nor B Castellated Labels, which are 25mm x 14mm and available in various colours. This model was discontinued a few years ago and is no longer available from anywhere, albeit we occasionally do have some second hand units available. Contact us to check!

The new replacement model, the Nor 3/9 B label gun is a single line gun for easy to use pricing and labelling. These are available in either 6 or 8 digits models which allow for pricing of up to £99.99 or £999.99 respectively.

The Nor 2/9 was truly the best gun on the market for standard pricing having been around for more than 30 years and we leave this info on our site so that people can refer to it for reference purposes. Labels for the Nor 2/9 are available at very competitive prices direct from us. These can be printed or plain.

The Nor 3/9 is the 2/9 replacement model and both models will take the same labels providing labels have been ordered from us. (guns and labels are interchangeable).

You can order the new Nor 3/9 gun by clicking here!