Coloured Wavy Edge Labels | 26mm x 12mm

Price Labels – Coloured Wavy 26mm x 12mm 30 Rolls (45k)


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Product Description

Coloured Wavy Edge Labels

These 26mm x 12mm Labels are available in a wide range of adhesives and can be used through numerous gun models. Labels are available in various colours, and in boxes of 30 rolls of 1,500 totalling 45,000 per Box.

These 26mm x 12mm labels are guaranteed to fit the following guns:

Label Gun Brand Label Gun Model
Avery Avery 1/6, Avery 1/8.
Contact Contact 6, Contact 8.
Danro Danro 2612.
Data-mark Data-mark 2612. Datamark 6.
Dataply Dataply 6, Dataply DPM2612/107, Dataply DPP 2612/106, Dataply DPP 2612/110.
Econoply Econoply 2612.
Evo Evo 8 Band, Evo 10 Band.
Jolly Jolly JC6, Jolly JC8, Jolly JC9.
Labelmaster Labelmaster Price Gun.
Labeltac Labeltac MK II.
Lynx Lnyx A, Lynx B, Lynx 106, Lynx SP1, Lynx Euro, Lynx Outdoor 6, Lynx Outdoor 8, Lynx C6, Lynx C8. Lynx C10D, Lynx C10A, Lynx PR426.
Meto Meto 526, Meto 626, Meto 826, Meto 1026, Meto 105, Meto 2605, Meto 2606, Meto 2610.
Metox Motex 2612/6, Motex 2612/9, Motex Date Coder.
Open Data Open C8, Open C6, Open C10, Open C10/A.
Prima Prima One Line Label Gun.
Prix Prix Start 6, Prix Start 8, Prix Start 8CP, Prix Start 10, Prix Start 10DP.
Puma Puma PJ6, Puma PJ8.
Sato Sato Kendo 6, Sato Kendo 8.
Smart Smark 6, Smart 8.
Start Start 6, Start 8, Start 8CP, Start 10, Start 10DP.
Swing Swing 8, Swing Date Coder.
Tovel Tovel K6, Tovel K8, Tovel TM66, Tovel TM88.
Viking Viking One Line Gun.