Nor B Fluorescent Labels | 25mm x 14mm

Fluorescent Labels for the Nor B Label Gun – 25mm x 14mm


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Product Description

Fluorescent Labels

These 25mm x 14mm labels are available in a wide range of adhesives, and can be used through numerous price gun models.
They can be printed with three lines of pre-printed information, the gun print will be below your custom three lines. Ideal for shop names, contact numbers, address etc.

The three colour choices are Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Orange and Fluorescent Green. The labels are sold in quantities of 50,000.

Please note: The colours shown on the image are the nearest colour match as exact colours cannot be reproduced on the web.

Our Fluorescent marking labels are ideal for drawing attention to a specific product or sale as they are eye catching and appealing.

The Nor 3/9 label gun compatible with the fluorescent labels can be found on our website here.