26mm x 16mm Plain Outdoor Labels for 2-line label guns

Plain Outdoor Labels for 2-Line Label Guns – (CT7) 26mm x 16mm


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Product Description

Plain Outdoor labels – 26mm x 16mm

These plain outdoor labels are designed for outdoor use and they do not degrade after prolonged periods in direct sunlight – unlike any other standard price gun labels, recommended for use in garden centers, builders yards and other similar applications.

These labels measure 26mm x 16mm and are rectangular in shape, the recommended label gun for these labels is the lynx label gun.

Compatible labelling guns include:

Avery Pricing Guns
Avery 2/16 Price Gun
Avery 2/18 Price Gun

Contact Pricing Guns
Contact 2 Line Price Gun

Dataply Pricing Guns
Dataply DPM 2616/108 Price Gun
Dataply DPM 2616/218 Seq Price Gun
Dataply DPP 2616/217 Price Gun
Dataply DPP 2616/220 Price Gun

Econoply Pricing Guns
Econoply 2616 Price Gun

Jolly Pricing Guns
Jolly JS14 Price Gun
Jolly JS16 Price Gun
Jolly JC18 Price Gun
Jolly JC20 Price Gun

Lynx Pricing Guns
Lynx CM6 Price Gun
Lynx CW17 Price Gun
Lynx CA17 Price Gun
Lynx CW20D Price Gun
Lynx CA20 Price Gun
Lynx CA20A Price Gun
Lynx S16A Price Gun
Lynx CW16 Price Gun

Open Data Pricing Guns
Open C17 Price Gun
Open C20 Price Gun
Open S14 Price Gun

Puma Pricing Guns
Puma PJ16 Price Gun

Sato Pricing Guns
Sato Judo 14 Price Gun
Sato Judo 18 Price Gun

Swing Pricing Guns
Swing 2 Line Price Gun

Tovel Pricing Guns
Tovel A17 Price Gun
Tovel W17 Price Gun

Additional Information

Label Quantity

22.5k Labels (30 Rolls), 9k Labels (12 Rolls)