Lynx Outdoor Starter Pack - Lynx & Outdoor Labels

Lynx Label Gun & Outdoor Labels Heavy Duty Starter Pack


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Product Description

Outdoor Labels and Lynx Labelling Gun

This starter pack is ideal for applications requiring large volume labelling of products for outdoor use.
It includes 1x Lynx Label Gun and 12k (12 Rolls) outdoor Labels.

The Lynx Label Gun a single line label gun available with either 8 or 6 printing digits. The 8 digit model is capable of prices up to £9999.99, and the 6 digit model up to £99.99. This is the recommended label gun for outdoor labelling because it has been purpose built to maintain high quality labelling even at the highest volume of label output.

The Outdoor labels supplied with this starter pack are specifically designed to withstand the elements making them popular with garden centers. They measure 26mm x 12mm and have a wavy edge. They can be purchased separately here.

Additional Information

Label Gun Model

Lynx C6 (6 Digits), Lynx C8 (8 Digits)