Garden Centre Label Printer | Use with Laptop or PC

Garden Centre Label Printer – Used with Laptop or PC


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Product Description

Garden Centre Label Printer

This system is for use with a Laptop or PC. The labels are created, saved and printed on the computer, then printed by the printer via USB cable.

This label printer has a maximum print width of 104mm (4.1 inches), with 203 dots per inch.
(300dpi models are available if needed, they are recommended for printing labels with barcodes).

Purchase of this Low cost label printer includes Label Design Software free of charge, this easy-to-use label design software allows the users to easily create their own labels with full information and database connectivity capabilities which can then be easily recalled and printed as and when needed.

This type of system is only usually available on much higher priced products, but our experience in the labelling and retail industries enables us to bring this fantastic labelling solution into the reach of many more outlets, at an affordable price.

The print process is Thermal Transfer which ensures the print is not effected by Rain, Heat or UV light. We use a special polymer label material and also a special ink ribbon which will guarantee that the print will not fade, recommended for labelling in all horticulture applications.

For indoor labelling you can use a more basic paper label with an ink ribbon which will guarantee no smudging or fading, the finish on a label printed using thermal transfer is as high quality as one can get for price label printing in store.