Nor Ink Rollers

Nor Ink Rollers for the Nor/Sato 3/9 Label Gun


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Product Description

Nor 3/9 Ink Rollers

 Nor ink rollers x 5 each in its own blister pack.

These nor ink rollers are compatible with both the Nor 3/9 ‘B’ and ‘D’ labelling gun models.

*All Prices are for 5 individual Ink Rollers in blister packs unless otherwise stated.

All ink rollers supplied are genuine Nor/Sato products and fully guaranteed. The ink rollers will keep in their blister packs for well over one-year and provided they are stored correctly they could be ok for a number of years.

The rollers in the guns are effected by such things as temperature and the amount of use they get. If a gun is left in extreme heat, say a greenhouse in a garden centre, for too long then the rollers will dry out and the print will lose it’s black contrast with the label. Likewise, if it is left in a coldstore for too long then a similar thing will happen. They produce best results when the guns are used regularly as this keeps the ink rollers activated. It is best kept in a shop, office type environment to obtain the best results.

We have ink rollers in stock for all of the  hand held guns we sell plus many more. They last for thousands of impressions depending on the gun model and label type.  You should never try to add ink to a used roller as  it is most unlikely to be the correct formulation that is required for the proper ink required to print onto the stickers.  It would also prove to be a very messy  operation as ink rollers have to be handled carefully and it may well drip off. Also, using incorrect ink  may well damage the gun’s print head and thereby void any remaining guarantee. In fact, ink rollers are so inexpensive that it is far better to buy the correct ones than to even go to the bother of trying other inks.