kendo 26 Date Gun

Sato Kendo 26 Date Gun


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Product Description

Sato Kendo 26 Date Gun

Affordable, effective and easy to use.

The Sato Kendo 26 Date Gun makes it simple to load, print & apply labels.
This label gun is available in both Alphanumeric (e.g. ’06MAR16′) and Numeric Only (e.g. 06.03.16) models.
Label loading and ink roller changing is hassle free with this date labelling gun, thanks to one touch ink roller changing and the open path for label loading.
The printed characters are printed in a large, bold print which is clear and easy-to-read.
The Sato Kendo 26 uses 26mm x 12mm wavy edge rectangular labels.

Please click the following link for a downloadable .pdf with detailed information about this label gun – Kendo 26 Datasheet

Additional Information

Date Gun Model

Alphanumeric, Numeric Only