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NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Desktop

Make Label Printing Errors a thing of the past.

Nicelabel PowerForms allows you to select your database records, see the review of what your printed label will look like, see the current status of your printer and print the finished label. Less manual data entry combined with the far greater view of the label outcome allows you to have full control over the printing process.
This is done in various ways; you can add data-entry restrictions, so only specific characters can be entered (you also have control of exactly how many digits the field should contain).
To avoid misprinting or duplication you can completely disable printing when a printer is in error mode.
Thanks to the print preview, you can always see the outcome of your label in real-time, as you change the data to be entered on the label, the preview changes with it.

Integrate with existing systems, software and data.

Nicelabel PowerForms allows you to seamlessly integrate with production devices, software and data from external sources, which can then be used to bring in data to be used on your labels. You can very easily add the uses barcode scanners, PLCs, print applicators, weights scales and other hardware, to make sure your label is 100%. This allows you to both read and write data to and from other systems, and help you control the status of production hardware, which can be connected in numerous ways, including; SQL queries, TCP/IP, RS232, web services, and custom scripting.

Make your form your own.

Nicelabel PowerForms Desktop allows you to truly customize the application, which in turn enables you the make it the ideal fit for your business, application and even user. Leave the database to automatically select the correct labelling format for your specific records, allowing preview and multiple labels printing. You can build and add menus for step-by-step work instructions, printer maintenance guides/tips and even troubleshooting information to name a few examples of helpful information which can be added to your label printing form.

Touchscreen compatible applications can be built too, you can very easily layout the user interface for keyboard, mouse or touchscreen use. With PowerForms web or PowerForms Cloud, the user can also make your forms rich internet applications, so they can be easily used in a browser across either the enterprise or within the cloud.

Keep those development costs to a minimum with Nicelabel PowerForms Desktop, which can build applications, and put them into active use much faster when compared with the capabilities of programming languages such as Visual Basic or C#. With PowerForms you can build robust applications without coding errors by simply dragging and dropping the needed modules from helpful toolbars, you can create label printing, database collection and even database management applications using PowerForms, which allows even non-programmers to build applications with ease.

Other editions of PowerForms Desktop.

Variations of Nicelabel PowerForms Desktop have been made available to give the perfect package to fit the client and application. Multi-user editions allow for multiple users to access PowerForms Desktop, for more in-depth information regarding Multi-user Edition – click here. Run-time editions have been implemented so that multiple workstations can be used to print via PowerForms Desktop for a greatly reduced price when compared to purchasing individual Full-editions for workstations, for more information on the Run-time Edition of PowerForms Desktop – click here.

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