Nicelabel 2017 Designer Pro Single User License

Nicelabel 2017 Designer Pro Labelling Software Single User License


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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro Single User License

The Professional method of creating both error-free and compliant labels.

High quality label design and error-free printing is now possible with Nicelabel 2017 Designer Pro, as it offers all the layout and data features needed – also provided for you is security and a full audit trail of all labels printed, as ;ogging of print data and password access control is now featured.

NiceLabel Designer Pro allows printing with any type of printer.
For maximum performance and control, we recommend that you use NiceLabel label design software and printer drivers.

Every Feature needed for compliance labelling.

One of the many advantages of using Nicelabel Designer Pro is that it includes all the layout and data tools needed to not only design labels, but also make them comply with industry standards. Unicode support lets you design internal labels with multiple languages within one label. Designer Pro support over 70 barcode types, as well as RFID tag support. Professional layouts are easily created with the use of rich text, curved text, paragraphs, line styles, grouping, shape filling and relative positioning.

No more printing-errors.

EasyForms makes the process of label printing simple, as it can all be achieved within one form. EasyForms builds print forms automatically for each label designed, and can be easily adjusted to fit your printing process, this includes adding logos, links to webpages, graphics and more to your print form. Also note that the form elements are be changed in size to accommodate for touchscreen compatibility.

Large databases integrated into your label designs.

Creating multiple designs of the same label just for the sake of information variation is nonsensical. Using Nicelabel Designer Pro, you can instead design a few templates and then connect them to your existing database. Designer Pro allows you to easily navigate your database on the form and preview your label at the time of design. You can combine records from multiple tables in a database and retrieve images from database blob fields. SQL queries and be created to extract only the data needed by the label.

Complex variable data added with ease.

Variable label data can be obtained from many different sources, with the help of full serialization, custom barcode check digits, global variables, output masks, data/time arithmetic and scripting.

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