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Bartender Pro Labelling Software


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Product Description

Bartender Pro Labelling Software

Bartender Pro Label Software: BarTender, Latest Version (BT-PRO)

All of the label design and most of the data access of the Enterprise Edition. It is Network compatible, but it is ‘not’ optimized for control by other software.

Delivers –  All of BarTender’s most powerful label design features. Most of the advanced data access capabilities, including OLE DB and ODBC. Fully network compatible.

Omits –  Not designed for control from within other software. Does not offer ActiveX Automation, Commander or command line integration. No SAP IDoc or XML support. No job logging or e-mailed error alerts. Cannot export printer code templates.

User-based Licensing – Licensing based on the number of workstations running BarTender, regardless of whether or not they are on a common network.

**Important Notes: The Print Only edition of BarTender cannot be used to design label formats: only to print existing ones.

When a Print Only edition is in use then the label must have been created and saved with a like edition or higher of BarTender.

Bartender is not compatible on MAC operating systems. BarTender will no longer run on Windows 95 or Windows NT operating systems, as the recent version of the software does not support this. Please inform us if you are using the above operating systems so we can request the correct version from the manufacturer of the software.

Click here for the 30 day trail edition download!


Comparison Chart

Licensed based on the number of printers used alt alt
Licensed based on the number of PCs used alt alt
Free phone and e-mail technical support for properly-registered users alt alt alt alt
HTML-based context-sensitive help alt alt alt alt
User interface translated into 20+ languages alt alt alt alt
Commander. (Controls BarTender in response to triggers from other programs) alt alt
Security Center. (Provides security features for other applications in the suite, such as user permissions and document encryption) alt alt
Printer Maestro. (Administers to printers and print queues on the network) alt alt
Librarian. (Controls access, manages workflow, and tracks revisions to BarTender documents and other files within a secure database) alt
History Explorer. (Views the logs stored in the BarTender System Database) alt alt
Reprint Console. (Reprints previously printed jobs) alt alt
Print Station. (Provides a simple “single-click” interface for selecting and printing BarTender documents) alt alt alt alt
Batch Maker. (Defines and prints “batches” of multiple BarTender documents) alt alt alt
True WYSIWYG template design alt alt alt alt
New Document Wizard ensures proper printer selection and allows maximum printing speed alt alt alt alt
Two-sided (“duplex”) design and printing alt alt alt alt
Point and click creation of all objects, including text, barcodes, lines, boxes, shapes, and graphic images alt alt alt alt
To simplify conversion from legacy systems, import and lighten photographs of old labels, cards, or tags for use as a design aid alt alt alt
Unlimited undo / redo command alt alt alt alt
Resize and reposition objects using a choice of methods: Mouse, arrow keys, typed in values alt alt alt alt
Functions for automatic alignment of multiple objects alt alt alt alt
Programmatically modify template objects during print jobs alt alt
One-tenth degree rotation of lines, shapes, text, and graphics alt alt alt alt
“Move to Front” and “Send to Back” alt alt alt alt
Group and Ungroup multiple objects alt alt alt alt
Live database view in objects in template design area alt alt alt
Export barcodes to other programs alt alt alt
Full color, pattern, and gradient support for all template objects alt alt alt alt
Optional automatic borders for text, barcodes and graphics alt alt alt alt
Combine multiple template objects into reusable components alt alt alt alt
Library of “ready-to-print” label, card, and tag templates alt alt alt alt
Thumbnail previews of saved BarTender documents, viewable both in BarTender and Windows explorer alt alt alt alt
Metric and US measurements alt alt alt alt
Design templates up to 128 inches (3.25 m) long and/or wide (subject to limits of printer and driver) alt alt alt alt
Any number of labels, cards, or tags, arranged in any number of rows and/or columns per sheet alt alt alt alt
Page Setup Wizard assists with properly specifying media dimensions alt alt alt alt
Database of thousands of name brand label, card, and tag sizes alt alt alt alt
Rectangular, circular and elliptical media supported alt alt alt alt
Versatile font support: OpenType, TrueType, Adobe, PostScript, downloadable, and built-in printer fonts alt alt alt alt
On-screen text editing and sizing alt alt alt alt
Powerful Rich Text formatting using on-screen WYSIWYG editor alt alt alt
Stretch text horizontally or vertically alt alt alt alt
Automatic on-the-fly resizing of text to fit within predefined height and width alt alt alt
Paragraph Formatting: Multiple alignment methods, line spacing control, indenting, and inter-paragraph spacing alt alt alt alt
Kerning and inter-character spacing control alt alt alt alt
Outline fonts alt alt alt alt
Arc and circular text alt alt alt
User-definable tab stops alt alt alt alt
White-on-black text printing (specified with a single mouse click) alt alt alt alt
Support for RTF, HTML, and XAML alt alt alt
Numerous 1 and 2 dimensional symbologies alt alt alt alt
Extensive library of industry-standard barcode formats alt alt alt alt
Option to display start / stop characters alt alt alt alt
Variable and unlimited width and height alt alt alt alt
Minimum width limited only by printer resolution alt alt alt alt
GS1 (formerly UCC/EAN) Application Identifier Data Source Wizard alt alt alt alt
Automatic check digit capability alt alt alt alt
Sequentially numbered barcodes alt alt alt alt
Place “human readable” text anywhere in relation to barcodes alt alt alt alt
Customizable “human readable” character template alt alt alt alt
Independently suppress or display characters from different sub-fields alt alt alt alt
Draw lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, rounded rectangles, triangles, polygons, arrows, arcs, stars, and many other shapes alt alt alt alt
Multiple dashed line styles and compound line styles alt alt alt alt
Fill options for lines and shapes include solid color, multi-point gradient, pattern, and bitmap alt alt alt alt
Import more than 70 graphic formats, including BMP, DCX, DIB, DXF, EPS, GIF, IMG, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG, PDF, and more alt alt alt alt
Integrated, online clip-art search and import alt alt alt alt
TWAIN and WIA support for image scanners and cameras alt alt alt
Basic image processing: Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, smoothing, cropping and more alt alt alt
Industry-specific graphic symbol font libraries alt alt alt alt
Linked graphics allow external graphics to change dynamically alt alt alt
Specify background images and colors for templates alt alt alt alt
More than 3,000 industrial printers supported alt alt alt alt
True Windows drivers, can be used by other programs alt alt alt alt
Seagull drivers with status monitor display printer status in the standard Windows spooler alt alt alt alt
Two-sided (“duplex”) design and printing alt alt alt alt
Multiple templates per document alt alt alt alt
Integrated job separator templates alt alt alt
Batch Maker defines and prints “batches” of multiple BarTender documents alt alt alt
Print Station supports “single-click” document selection and printing alt alt alt alt
Conditional printing of templates alt alt
Export printer code templates to XML enabled printers alt alt
Advanced on-screen print preview alt alt alt alt
Advanced cutter control alt alt alt
Set starting position on pages of partially used labels, cards or tags alt alt alt alt
Supports printer-based barcodes, serial numbers,
time, date, and copies
alt alt alt alt
Speed optimization reuses repeating data instead of resending it alt alt alt alt
Local and network printer support alt alt alt alt
Print quantity can be set from keyboard or data source alt alt alt
Print-time image capture, supporting WIA and VFW webcams alt alt alt alt
Automatic face detection and cropping alt
Magnetic stripe encoding alt alt alt alt
Encoding of smart cards (both contact and non-contact) alt
Basic serialization: Numeric (base 10), alphabetic (base 26), and concatenated numeric and alphabetic sequences with increment / decrement by any interval alt alt alt alt
Advanced serialization: Alphanumeric (base 36), hexadecimal (base 16), and custom base serialization alt alt alt
Separate rollover / rollunder and value reset options alt alt alt alt
Preserve or expand field length when rolling over alt alt alt alt
Design print-time data entry forms for keyboard and barcode scanner data alt alt alt alt
Data from weighing scales supported by data entry forms alt alt
Microsoft OLE DB and ODBC support, including drivers for:  Access, AS/400, Btrieve, dBase, Excel, Informix, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle database, Pervasive.SQL, PostgreSQL, Progress, SQL Server, Sybase, and more alt alt alt
Read Excel files alt alt alt
Read ASCII & Unicode text files (quote & comma, fixed width, and user-defined delimitation) alt alt