YMCKO Colour Ribbon - Zebra ID Card Ribbons

Zebra ZXP-Z3 – YMCKO Colour Ribbon


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Product Description

YMCKO Colour Ribbon – 200 Images per Roll

Protect your cards & badges by using YMCKO ribbons to print colour onto single-sided cards.
These ribbons provide a protective overlay that will add years to the life to your printed cards and badges by giving extra protection against normal wear and tear, tampering and even dye migration that can occur during the printing process.

This ribbon is compatible with Zebra ZXP Series 3 ID Card Printers.

Please call us if you are unsure if these ribbons will work with your ID Card Printer is compatible with these ribbons.

Delivery Prices for this product are as follows:
1 ribbon – £10.00
2-3 ribbons – £5.00
4+ ribbons – Free of charge.

We are a Zebra approved supplier and as such have access to all the resources of product knowledge and support. We can also arrange for on-site service if required at very competitive prices.

multi-panel ribbons are developed with the newest technology in dyes available. Multi-panel ribbons use dye-sublimation, which means the color dye is vaporized into a gaseous state and then diffused onto the cards at the printhead station. Multi-panel ribbons come in a variety of types including but not limited to YMC, YMKCO, YMCKOK, YMCKK, YMKUvK, KO, KdO and KrO.