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Barcode Labels – full range of sizes and materals – VERY GOOD PRICES and high quality! Fully guaranteed to work with your printer. Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer materials including paper, card and synthetic, polypropolene etc.

We can provide these as plain rolls, pre-printed rolls or print them for you on our Bureau Service. We will print very small quantities if required with a minimum order value of only £25.00. We can also provide a hand-held label applicator for you to apply labels with.

Our barcode labels are available with a full range of adhesives including peelable (removable), permanent, freezer etc. We are happy to provide sample materials for test purposes if needed. If you have a difficult application we would prefer for you to test them on your products prior to order to ensure you are 100% happy with the result. We would be pleased to provide sample materials to enable you to do this.

These Barcode Labels are Direct Thermal and are suitable for relatively short life products which will do not need scanning after approximately one-year. Typically food products and parcel/courier delivery applications but also logistics and distribution would use this printing process.

For any requirement which calls for a long shelf life then the best label products for these type of applications are Thermal Transfer Labels. Thermal transfer barcode labels are printed using a carbon or thermal ribbon; the ink. In using the correct combination of label material and ribbon label life can typically be guaranteed for 5-years or more. Barcode labels printed using the thermal transfer process are not effected by UV light or heat whereas labels printed using the Direct Thermal process are.

If Direct Thermal Barcode Labels need to be scanned after 12-months then there is a chance the barcodes will not scan and the longer they go beyond the 12-months the more likely it is that they will not scan. This is because, as they are negatively effected by heat and light then although it may not be particularly noticable, but it could be, the actual label will have discoloured somewhat. One of the ‘measures’ a barcode scanner takes when it scans is the print contrast signal (PCS). This measures the contrast between the white (or colour) of the label and the blackness of the printed barcode. If the PCS has reduced over time then the barcode will not scan.

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54,000 Labels (12 Rolls)


Peelable, Permanent