Primera LX400e

Primera LX400e Colour Label Printer – 4800 DPI

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Product Description

Primera LX400e Label Printer

The Primera LX400e has a label print width of up to 4 inches wide and a maximum label length is 24 inches, it is an entry-level printer that uses a single CMY ink cartridge and is roll-fed.
This printer is most suited to short runs of labels where print speed may not be too critical.

Create high quality printed labels using the LX400e’s incredible 4800 dpi to deliver results that far exceed virtually any other on-demand print method available. Four built-in print resolutions let you select the combination of print quality and speed that fits your application best.

With the Primera LX400e, your labels will be bright, colourful and professional, your labels can include full-colour photos, illustrations, graphics, text and bar codes, and they can be printed as and when required.

When compared to other print methods, the price per label will be considerable less using the Primera LX400e.

The LX400e can be used to print on a multitude of different label, tag and ticket materials, including inkjet coated high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte labels.

Labels printed on high-gloss material are highly scratch and smudge resistant and are also virtually waterproof. This is a material for using on primary packaging or box labels that will frequently be exposed to water, rain and snow.

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