Sato WS408 Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Models

Sato WS408 Label Printer | Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Models


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Sato WS408 Label Printer

The Sato WS408 is one of the recommended entry level printers due to the impressive 6 inch per second print speed and maximum ribbon length (thermal transfer model). This allows users to print labels at speed without having to change the ribbon as frequently when compared to other desktop label printers.

This printer has a sleek and compact design and many communication interfaces, the standard model includes USB & RS232C.
If you need LAN or Bluetooth interfaces please call and we will provide you with an accurate price.

The Sato WS408 is available in two different printer models, as explained in detail below:

Thermal Transfer model

The thermal transfer Sato WS408 uses thermal transfer ribbons to apply the ink to the labels, this is the prefered print method if your labels need to have longer lifespans and be legible long after they have been printed.

This is also the model a user would choose if they wanted high quality glossy labels, as the thermal transfer print process will yeild a much more professional finished label.

Typical applications to use the Thermal Transfer print process include Warranty Labels, Warning Labels & Shop Window Price Labels.

Direct Thermal Model

The direct thermal Sato WS408 does not use thermal transfer ribbons to apply the ink to the labels, instead the labels are chemically treated so that as the printhead on the printer applies heat to the labels, the image is drawn out of the labels.

This print method is recommended for applications with short lifespans, examples of typical uses include fresh food labelling & postage labels. This is because the label only needs to be legible for a short time.

Both print processes cost about the same, Thermal Transfer doesnt need chemically treated labels but you need to purchase ink ribbons and visa-versa with Direct Thermal.

To see the full specification for the Sato WS408 label printer click here.

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Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer