Void Labels

Warranty Void Labels in a full range of sizes

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Product Description

Silver Void Labels in a Full Range of Sizes

Warranty Void Labels in a full range of sizesThese labels are ideal for those seeking to secure products subject to tampering and warranty claims.

If any attempt to remove the label is made, the word “Void” is left behind – as shown in the picture.

These Silver void labels are made from a non-rip material and are 50mm wide x 25mm high.
They are only available in permanent adhesive and are printed using a 300DPI thermal transfer printer and a full resin ribbon, the optimal method when printing barcodes so they can be scanned many years after printing.

Permanent Adhesive Labels cannot be removed easily and when tampered with it will leave obvious evidence of such.

These Labels are capable of withstanding temperates of between -20°C to +80°C

Upon purchasing these labels, unless you want them unprinted you will need to tell us the wording or barcode details required.

Tamper-evident–VOID. Durable polyester facestock resists harsh environments. Gloss topcoat offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Tight void pattern allows for small labels. Excellent initial adhesion to low surface energy substrates. Good for indoor and outdoor exposure.

*Please note that pictures shown of labels do not best represent the finished quality of our labels.