Bespoke Void Labels
Bespoke Void Labels

Bespoke Void Labels – Silver – 50mm x 25mm


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Product Description

Bespoke Silver Tamper Evident Labels

Bespoke Labels are exclusive to you.
Your Logo, barcode, serial numbers, information, text, images etc.

Upon purchasing these labels, we require that you send us the information you would like printed on to them, (including fonts if you have preferences) we will then design your label and work alongside you to get them exactly as you want them.
You can have anything placed in any location on the label.

This security label product is an extremely effective deterrent to anyone who is considering swapping components or making authorised modifications or adjustments to equipment.

These bespoke void labels are destroyed if any attempt to remove them is made, they leaves the message “VOID” in silver print on the item they has been applied to.
This acts as visual evidence of tampering.

When applying these labels to products, please keep in mind they have a 24 hour “Set” time.
This is to ensure that the “VOID” image is fixed.

Tamper Evident labels give credibility and a feeling of quality and professionalism to the products they are applied to, as well as the brand.



A permanent modified acrylic aqueous dispersion.
Initial Tack High
Final Adhesion High
Min. App.Temp +5°C
Temp Range -30°C to +120°C
UV Resistance Good

A bright, high gloss, metalized, polyester.
Surface treated for print receptivity. Reverse side silicone printed to facilitate the transfer of a small “void” footprint if a label is removed or tampered with after application.

Basic weight 51 gsm ±5%
Thickness 36 micron ±5%
Basic Weight 90 gsm ±5%
Thickness 77 micron ±5%

Specification Backing Paper
A supercalendered siliconised white glassine paper, with high mechanical resistance to tearing.

Shelf Life of unused product: 2 years when stored at 22° C / 50% RH
The above specification is based on information obtained from the original manufacturer and is offered in good faith in accordance with the companies conditions to determine fitness for use.
No guarantee is offered or implied.
It is the ultimate users responsibility to fully test the material and determine its suitability for the application intended. Measurements and test results are nominal.
In accordance with a policy of continuous product improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to amend the specification without notice.
Complies with BGVV and FDA approval for indirect contact with food.

If you have any requirements which aren’t standard (such as different label sizes or print colours) please feel free to call us, we will do our very best to accommodate your specific needs.

You can contact us by phone (01795 369 027), email (

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