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Why Do Some Price Labels Use A Permanent Adhesive?

Of the many differences found across price gun labels one which is most commonly experienced by people is how sticky they are. We would be all but certain that you have at some point experienced this yourself. In some instances labels peel off with ease, where at other times it feels like it cannot be removed without leaving a mark or otherwise causing some damage. This is quite deliberate, and serves an important purpose.

A common misconception is that how easy a price or information sticker is to peel off a product relates purely to the quality of the price gun labels used. Many have assumed that the easier it is to peel one off then the better quality it is. Although we can understand why some would reach this conclusion, we would like to give you every assurance that all forms of labels we provide are made to the exact same world class standards. We do know, however, that this assurance doesn’t answer the question.

The reason for using permanent adhesive labels in some instances is all down to the importance of the information on the sticker remaining in place. It would be most common to use this form of price gun label for perishable goods as they allow consumers to know matters such as the best before date has not been altered or tampered with. Permanent adhesive stickers also ensure that information relating to the provenance of a product remain on display, and can also act as an indicator to show the seal on an item has not been broken.

We know that some people prefer to peel off labels from the products they purchase, and that they can get a bit annoyed when trying to do this with one that has a permanent adhesive on it. Hopefully our explanation of why this form of label is so important makes encountering one of them a less frustrating experience.

Whether you need permanent or easy peel price gun labels for your goods and products we can supply you with the finest quality products available. We use our insights and industry knowledge to ensure that you get only the very best stickers and labels to meet your requirements.