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Why do they not print best before dates directly on packaging?

Of the many questions and queries customers come up with about the products they buy one of the more interesting and frequently asked ones relate to how “best before” information is printed. Usually this question comes up when a product has “Best Before Date: See Below” printed on the packaging, with people wondering why such details are not printed all in the same place, and indeed at the same time. Questions about this are so well known that you may well have heard one or two comedians use it as part of their stand up act.

As one of the leading price gun and price gun label suppliers in the UK we thought it might be of interest to look at this with some closer detail. To us the reasons behind the above are fairly obvious ones, but we know that’s to be expected in the light of our prominent position within the industry.

In respect of why the best before date is not printed at the same time as the labels are, it’s all due to planning. Most companies print their labels and packaging many months in advance of them being used in order to ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly. It is, then, simply not possible for them to know which best before dates would be applicable for the product at the time of the labels being created.

If the above is relatively straightforward, why the best before date doesn’t always appear near the reference on the packaging is perhaps less clear. This is done in order to give consumers an extra sense of confidence that the item they are holding has passed high levels of quality and standard checking. By stating a specific place where the best before information will appear, as long as it is where it says then you have the certainty of knowing that the proper process was followed with checking and packing.

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