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A hugely versatile pricing tool

As professionals in our field, we know exactly what it is that customers both want and expect from us. We have great knowledge of the various demands placed on price guns and can provide the right products to suit different requirements. From the more standard 6 to 8 digit models to the industrial 29 alphanumeric character variations, we have options that are appropriate for various needs.

Price guns, despite their name, are quite the versatile tool and can be used to complete a series of jobs. They are handheld labelling solutions, which print, dispense and apply labels as needed to the proper merchandise. In today’s world, they are an irreplaceable part of industrial and retail operations, proving to be highly important when it comes to efficient supply chain management.

The price gun is well known for being used to market inventory within a toyshop or any other form of retail establishment. Stock that’s in storage can also be kept track of thanks to this device. With legible, neat and clean labels, identifying your product is a simple task, reducing the amount of hassle within the working environment.

Another function of the price gun is that it can be used for date coding purposes. Labels that are imprinted with a product’s expiration date assist the staff and customers in noticing when something needs replacing. Additionally, they can be used to identify the use by date or shelf life that particular items possess.

To put it simply, pricing guns are the go-to option when you work with a large volume of products.

At Nor Systems, we have a huge range of price guns that are just waiting to serve your needs. With everything from regular models to specialised promotional ones, our company is the place to be if you’re looking to purchase one. If you’d like to know more about us or what we supply, we are always easy to reach.