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The evolving use of price guns

Traditionally price guns served a vital purpose in a wide array of retail settings. They were used to print out labels to display the price of each individual product. Naturally this took a lot of supplies and a great deal of time to label every item. Improvements in barcode technology and a reduction in the costs of systems helped to ease the workload though.

The developments could have made price guns obsolete but they still serve an important purpose. This comes in terms of creating labels to provide important information about goods such as the best before or use by date. The more advanced devices can create very long labels with space for up to three lines of 29 characters each. As a result a lot of different information can be provided.

When selecting a price gun there are several things you need to think about, not simply the length of the labels they allow you to print. Perhaps more importantly is the quality of the adhesive that comes on each label. The requirements for this will differ substantially with some labels designed to be peeled off at some stage with ease and others that need to stay in place for a very long period.

On top of this you will also need to think about the quality of the ink that is used to print the labels. It can differ substantially, resulting in some fading whereas others will remain clear to read for a very long period regardless of the environment.

Whether you want standard price guns or larger industrial labellers you can find high quality models at Nor Systems. We have a lot of experience in the supply of these devices and have provided them for clients in an array of industries. A hallmark of our service is we can offer advice and recommendations, helping clients to choose the right tool for the job.

If you would like advice of have any questions about the characteristics of price guns please contact us. We are always pleased to help.