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Best before use by?

Best Before Use By ?

Best Before Use By? In our experience the average consumer would, if asked, suggest that there’s really no difference in meaning between either “best before” or “use by” appearing on food and drink products. The overwhelming majority of people have come to the assumption that both are just different ways of stating the expiry date for a product, and have taken it as a given that either phrase does this.

This is, however, not correct. Important differences exist, and knowing this is vital when selecting the correct price gun labels to use.

Although products should, ideally, always be used or consumed before the date on either version, you should only mark items with a “use by” label if the date is an expiry one from a health and safety perspective. When it’s a matter of the quality of an item diminishing after a certain date then it’s the case that “best before” price gun labels should be utilised.

There are a number of reasons why making sure the label with the correct wording on is used. The first and foremost of these relates to safety and liability. You would not want someone to purchase and consume something after the use by date in general, never mind the legal liability you may face for doing so. By the same margin, it’s important to ensure that items are not allowed to go to waste for no reason. In many cases products used after their best before date are of a perfectly acceptable quality.

Part of our world class level of service in supplying price gun labels is knowing the important differences between these two terms. Whilst in the minds of many consumers the terms are fairly interchangeable we respect how important and vital it is for you to make sure your products have the right terminology in place.  So, Best Before Use By? We hope we have made it easier for you to decide!

If you have any questions or would like help choosing the right supplies please contact us. We can help you and ensure you get the very best level of service in the process.